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Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I pay? 

Good question! We ask you to pay $50 for the intial consultation during our first visit via venmo, cash or check. Our venmo is @spring-and-thyme. Once we determine your needs we will invoice you after our design presentation, accessorizing, or other work completed. Typically, you will receive a bill after about 5-8 design hours.

I ordered the Complete Design Plan, which gave me a great start on my living room. Can you pick a rug for my dining room too?


Our Design Plans include the main features needed for the specified room. We are happy to help with other spaces for an additional fee. Services may be purchased a la cart and are billed at $50 per hour.



Home Goods is an amazing store. They have a rug that I think would look good in my space, but I'm not confident. Can I call you? Text you? Write you a letter? 


While we appreciate your vote of confidence, for our sanity we cannot respond to every request for our opinion. Once you have our Complete Design Plan, you have all the item recommendations you paid for. Additional services may be purchased a la cart and are billed at $50 per hour.

Ok but I really want to text you to ask about an item. Can I just ask you about a couple items?


Sure! Send that text. We charge in 15 minute increments for on-the-fly design recommendations.

Michelle is the designer my friend recommended. How do I make sure I get a good quality design if I’m with a different designer?


Actually, Spring and Thyme is an amazingly collaborative group of wonderful designers in their own right. Collaboration is one of our core values. Trust us—no matter who your lead designer is, we’re all talking about your design together. And we’re committed to delivering that affordable Spring and Thyme “Wow!” you’ve heard all about.

The bedroom you designed for me is beautiful. I showed it to my friend, and she wants a Complete Design Plan, too. Can you call her tomorrow?


We love your enthusiasm! And we love your referrals! Tomorrow is pushing it a bit, but we'll be happy to set up a new client appointment with your friend. Please have your friend contact us for more information.

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