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Frequently Asked

  Whether you're in need of a complete home renovation or just looking to update a single room, we’re here to make it happen. Check out our FAQs for more information about our design process.

In-Person Design FAQ

When and how do I pay? 

Good question! After our initial consultation, you will receive a docu-sign contract with the total price for your project. After it is signed, you will receive an invoice for 50% of that total. You can pay via credit card through the invoice. 

You're just finishing up my living room; can you pick a rug for my dining room, too?


If it wasn't included in the scope of work, we are happy to help with other spaces for an additional fee. Services may be purchased a la cart and are billed at $50 per hour.



Home Goods is an amazing store. They have a rug that I think would look good in my space, but I'm not confident. Can I call you? Text you? Write you a letter? 


While we appreciate your vote of confidence, for our sanity, we cannot respond to every request for our opinion. Once you have our Design Plan, you have all the item recommendations you paid for. Additional services may be purchased a la cart and are billed at $50 per hour.

Ok but I really want to text you to ask about an item. Can I just ask you about a couple items?


Sure! Send that text. We charge in 15-minute increments for on-the-fly design recommendations.

Michelle is the designer my friend recommended. How do I make sure I get a good quality design if I’m with a different designer?


Actually, Spring and Thyme is an amazingly collaborative group of wonderful designers in their own right. Collaboration is one of our core values. Trust us—no matter who your lead designer is, we’re all talking about your design together. And we’re committed to delivering that affordable Spring and Thyme “Wow!” you’ve heard all about.

The bedroom you designed for me is beautiful. I showed it to my friend, and she wants the Premium Design Plan, too. Can you call her tomorrow?


We love your enthusiasm! And we love your referrals! Tomorrow is pushing it a bit, but we'll be happy to set up a new client appointment with your friend. Please have your friend contact us for more information.

eDesign FAQ

What is Virtually Yours?


Did you know online interior design is a thing? We're excited to announce our new e-design process, Virtually Yours! That Spring & Thyme style you've come to love is now easier to access and available anywhere. We offer a variety of design packages to bring new life to that space in your home that needs a refresh. You choose a package and schedule an introductory consultation with our lead designer, Michelle. Together you'll decide which package is the best option for your needs. Once you've paid for your package, we'll match you with one of our interior designers. You'll fill out a design questionnaire, take measurements with the help of our handy guide, and send us pics and a quick video of your space. Then we'll get busy designing! Depending on your package, you'll have a set amount of time to meet with your designer online. When our side of the process is done, you'll have a gorgeous new design to implement in your space, complete with purchasing links so you know exactly what to buy and how to set it all up!



Is Spring & Thyme a team of designers?


Yes! Michelle is our Spring & Thyme founder, and she oversees our client base, projects, and client experience. We've curated an amazing team of designers who assess and meet your design needs in a personal, warm and friendly manner. Visit our Meet the Team page here to learn more about each of our beautiful designers. Our design methods are collaborative and well-honed to give each of our clients the best designs for their particular spaces. No matter who your lead designer is, you can rest assured you're getting the best Spring & Thyme experience possible. We're committed to giving you a professional, quality product customized to fit your needs. If you're local, we can even connect you with one of our favorite installers to help implement your new design!



How do I know what package is right for me?

During your introductory online meeting with Michelle, you'll discuss your design needs and she'll direct you to the best package. Our packages are customized based on your room size and the depth of help you'd like from our designers. Our 3D room design packages are best if you're looking for a comprehensive new design for your space. Our 3D models help you really get a feel for the new space and visualize it so well that you're sure to love the final design. Our 2D Vision Board packages contain all aspects of your design in one place; they're just not in 3D. These packages include explanations for where to place items and still give you a great visual of how all pieces will look together. If you're keeping a lot of existing pieces, we'll likely direct you to one of these packages. Keep in mind that we're committed to giving you the best design for your space no matter which package you choose. We have several add-on options to ensure you get exactly what you need to give your space that Spring & Thyme refresh.



How many packages do I need for my open floor plan home?

We're all about open floor plans! You'll discuss your design needs in your initial consultation; you'll need to purchase a package for each room within your open concept space. We're committed to providing a cohesive design that functions well within each space and flows well together. You'll discuss room sizes and any needed add-on packages during that first online meeting. We'll direct you to the best package (3D or 2D) that fits your budget and gives you that quality design you're looking for.



How do I communicate with my designer during the design process?

Depending on which package you choose, you will have a set amount of time to meet with your designer online. We utilize Zoom or Facetime as needed. Any other communication takes place via email. This is super convenient for everyone and allows our designers to best answer any questions. Please note that each package has an end date that occurs once your design process is complete. 



Do you work within any budget?

We're happy to work within your budget to keep your design elements affordable. During your initial consultation, we'll talk about your budget needs. We tailor our design choices to your budget and shop a variety of online resources to give you pieces that are both affordable and functional. 



What if an item is out of stock after I receive my design?

We provide you with shoppable links to items that are in stock at the time of your design presentation. We highly encourage you to purchase those items you love immediately after receiving the final design. Your design package will include a pre-determined amount of time to connect with your designer post-presentation. If your items are out of stock once that period has expired, we're happy to provide you with a new piece recommendation. We charge a $50 resourcing fee per item that needs to be replaced in your design.



Can I keep some of my existing pieces?

Absolutely! We're happy to utilize those pieces you want to keep. We may recommend a replacement if we feel it would benefit your overall design. For those pieces you'd like to keep, we need either a link to the item online or a good quality picture along with measurements so we can make sure to use them in the best way possible.



How do I measure my space?

Measuring your space is easy and straightforward with our measuring guide. Just follow our instructions and input the measurements onto our provided form, then email them to us!

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