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We value being affordable designers who come alongside you to create a home you love that reflects your lifestyle and budget. Our services range from a Complete Design Plan to a one-hour consultation. This sheet gives you an approximate total for your budget when considering our services.  For example, if you are interested in the transformations found on our social media, we recommend you budget for the Complete Design Plan, Styling, and Installation.

Three-Dimensional Rendering

 (starts at 1.00/square foot depending on custom detail) 

  • Color Palette

  • Furniture Dimensions

  • Rug Dimensions

You will receive a video recording of the space like the example below: 



Complete Design Plan (starts at $2.00/square foot)

  • 3D rendering allows you to see your completed space 

  • Furniture selection

  • Area rug selection

  • Paint Selection

  • Lighting

  • Wall Art 

  • Flooring

You will receive an electronic package giving you another visual with all the links.


*Typically, you will be charged for the 3D rendering; when you love it, we will provide a new statement of work for the design selections.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Full kitchen and bathroom designs vary depending on the scope of the project.

Some clients come to us with renderings and need help selecting counters,tilepaint color, hardware, cabinets, etc. At the same time, others need a full design and 3d rendering of the space. You can expect renderings for an average size kitchen to start at $500. We will need to see your space and discuss your needs to give you an accurate cost. 

We charge per project, and you will receive the project cost after the initial visit via Docusign with a Statement of Work.  It typically takes about 2-3 weeks. After we complete your design presentation, fulfilling the statement of work, which includes one revision, you will be invoiced. Each additional revision is charged $50/hour. 

This option gives you a great plan to implement yourself. However, we would be happy to continue to work with you regarding phase 2, which includes accessorizing and installation. 


Styling and Installation include: 

  • Choosing and installing wall art, including mirrors. 

  • Designing and hanging gallery walls.

  • Shopping for accessories.

  • Ordering furniture.

  • Decorating mantles or shelves.

  • Centerpieces 

  • Arranging furniture and rugs.

Some clients need help pulling a room together with accessories, pillows, and wall art. A typical room installed and staged costs around $500, excluding the cost of accessories, and will be billed hourly at $50/hour.

Work not included in a Complete Design Plan or Accessory/Installation Package will be billed at $50 per hour.


Services and Fees

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