Before & After

the old is gone, the new is here. -St. Paul I love “before and after” TV shows especially What Not to Wear. I eagerly anticipated the suspenseful moment when the contestant walked out to find Stacy and Clinton’s utter surprise. I was amazed how all their little tweaks; hair, makeup,and clothes,formed a complete physical as well as emotional transformation. Not to mention, home improvement shows! Of course, in Fixer--Upper when Joanna opens the door and welcomes home their clients I nearly jump out of my seat to examine the before and after. My life is a bit like a before and after show. If I am honest, my before picture is pretty ugly. I am talking olive green shag carpet, orange formica wi

Lemons, Eucalyptus and Goodbye

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. -Winnie the Pooh Earlier this summer we were honored to throw a going away party for dear friends. (Side Note - Going away parties are a bit odd, aren't they? It is a party celebrating the fact that someone you dearly love is leaving? We may never see you again- Let's Party!) Circumstances and decisions beyond our friends' control led them to seek a new direction from God. Sometimes the decisions of others affect our lives, and it can cause significant pain with unexpected life change. In those moments, we have a decision to make. Will we trust a perfect God or will we allow bitterness and anger to dictate our lives? I h

The Yellow Cart

Everyone has a story to tell. You just have to loosen up and tell it. - JIM RHODES I found this cart at a flea market on my birthday. I imagine it is from the late 1960’s based on the condition, original paint or as my husband related, “it reminds me of my VA hospital rotation.” Ummm…Great? Thanks, babe? Anyway- I fell in love with this cart instantly. The pale yellow with just enough patina to know it has a story. It makes me wonder, “Were women with cat-eyed glasses gossiping over it as they folded and fluffed their clothes at their local launderette? Did the 70’s homemaker store her wonder bread in it? Was it hidden away in the 80’s because it was so dated?” But, It does have a stor

"So...Michelle, what exactly is a 'pop-up shop'?"

To shop or not to shop? what a very silly question. -Anonymous When I started decorating homes, I quickly realized I needed to drive all over Michigan collecting pieces I love. There are great shops in Clarkston, Rochester, and Royal Oak, but my absolute favorite is the Found Cottage on the west side of the state. When I walk into their lovely shop filled with vintage and new pieces, my heart races, my hands get slightly sweaty, and there is definitely a happy dance involved. (Side note-this may not be a normal response to a store-perhaps I have a shopping issue? OR the Found Cottage is just really my jam.) But, let’s face it I want the Magnolia Market here in Michigan. So I emailed Joanna

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