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The Yellow Cart

Everyone has a story to tell. You just have to loosen up and tell it.


I found this cart at a flea market on my birthday. I imagine it is from the late 1960’s based on the condition, original paint or as my husband related, “it reminds me of my VA hospital rotation.” Ummm…Great? Thanks, babe?

Anyway- I fell in love with this cart instantly. The pale yellow with just enough patina to know it has a story. It makes me wonder, “Were women with cat-eyed glasses gossiping over it as they folded and fluffed their clothes at their local launderette? Did the 70’s homemaker store her wonder bread in it? Was it hidden away in the 80’s because it was so dated?” But, It does have a story: perhaps a sad story, a funny story, a happy story, but its very own unique story.

So very much like us. We all have a story. Our stories might read more like Tommy Boy and less like Braveheart, or for me, more like Legally Blond and less like Wonder Woman. (Side Note-How about that new Wonder Women movie? That’s what I am talking about ladies!! Thank you, Linda Carter, for showing me strength and compassion as I twirled in the 70’s with my aluminum foil bracelets of submission. Thank you, Marvel, for giving this generation a strong, loving woman to emulate.)

Regardless if it is a best seller or a comic book, we have a story, which includes a loving, grace-filled God. A God who weeps with you when your dad dies, when your heart breaks or when anxiety and depression overcome you. A God who delights when you buy your first car, as you make your 500th PB &J, or as you say, “I do.” God asks us to share our story boldly to encourage and comfort His other beloved children. Never forget you and your story are precious to God. Your story has a purpose in this world just like our yellow cart; it holds a lifetime of triumph and sorrow just waiting for you to share it.

Okay, back to the Elle Wood part of me who likes very pretty things: The Cart!

I thought the cart would look so cute in a nursery or a kid's room! I filled it with my kid's old toys and blankets!

Since it's wedding season, I imagined the cart collecting shower presents.However, how cute for a graduation party or birthday party!

Okay, to be honest, this cart is not off-road capable. But, how cute to hold supplies for an out door barbecue??

Our bathroom remains in it's pink 80's glory-but in a neutral bathroom this cart would be so cute filled with towels or laundry!!

The cart is available for purchase at the pop-up! (Unless I decide to keep it,which is a bad business model, so I hear.)

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