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A Season and a Spice

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.

- The Byrds or King Solomon

In early spring, as the ground thawed, I sat in our church where the pastor talked about passion and calling. My mind drifted to our newly remodeled fixer-upper. I daydreamed about our new open shelves and how much joy it brought me to stain the beautiful alder and then fill them with lovely white dishes and vintage juice glasses. I loved how our new home allowed for comfortable gatherings of friends and family filled with laughter and new memories.

As the pastor continued to discuss our calling, I reminded God that our nest was nearly empty, and my career circumstances had greatly changed. Then I suggested that He let me know the plan or call for my next season ASAP. (Side note- Do you, like me, ever find yourself reminding God about your life details as if He somehow forgot to check your Facebook status and it’s a big surprise to Him your 4th child is going to college in the fall? Then, insist He move quickly to fix any discomfort?)

Anyway, the words “Spring and Thyme” came into my mind. “Wait,” I wondered, “is thyme a spice or herb? Either way, I will cook more. Yes, I will use only fresh ingredients. Become a foodie, formulate new recipes, BLOG about the benefits of chia seeds and organic nutmeg. Just one small problem, God, I hate to cook and do chia seeds produce some sort of plant pet in your gut?” I quickly dismissed that idea.

Still, the words Spring and Thyme continued to roll around in my brain. I considered opening a store offering beautiful, unique and affordable home décor. But, then, a few weeks later, I had lunch with a dear friend. She remodeled her home a year ago but shared how her house could belong to anyone. She showed me a picture of her empty dining room and confessed how difficult it was for her to decorate it. I offered to help. Together we found the perfect accessories and then styled the space to help make her house feel like her home. I left full of joy and excitement, it was as if God was saying “Spring and Thyme Design, get it?”

For years, people told me I should start a business home styling, staging, and decorating for parties and holidays. But, I felt called into ministry. God chose this past spring in His “thyme-ing” to use my passion to help create warm, inviting, beautiful spaces for others. So, with a new season and a spice (or maybe an herb), my adventure begins. Thank you for inviting me into your house to help make it your home!

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