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Women and Shopping: How to Change the World

"I am a Woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, that's me." ―Maya Angelou

I have always wanted to live above a small shop where each morning I would walk downstairs, open the door and welcome new friends to browse and visit. Over the last three days, I lived my dream as I popped up a home decor shop in my home. I loved meeting close neighbors as well as shoppers driving from Berkley, Shelby Township, Troy and Royal Oak. My house transformed into a sweet boutique and I loved everyone who came and everything we offered.

But the best was all the women! There is a buzz in the air when women gather-it is a symphony of chatter, laughter, and high pitch-“So Cute!!!! Oh, my goodness-yes get that!” Women are complicated [I know- I am one] but God made us to live in a community of sisterhood. We need each other, whether in a dressing room desperately deciding on a pair of jeans asking a complete stranger, “What do you think? Does my butt look big?” or when tragedy and pain threaten to overcome us. We need our sisters!

But, instead, we compare, judge and gossip about each other, which is toxic to our sisterhood. We feel like we don’t measure up to "Susie Imaperfect" or we judge "Mrs. Gmexec." This behavior only hurts us. When I watched you all shop, I saw a small glimpse of the best of womanhood: The beauty of nesting, the beauty of authenticity and the beauty of loving each other despite our flaws, beauty, or careers.

Am I a Feminist? Hmmm-I am a womanist. I believe in women-strong, vital, intelligent world changers. Soft, passionate, caregivers, executives, homemakers entrepreneurs, nurses, engineers-but most importantly, we are sisters. What if we actually unite together and admire our differences? What if we became so secure in our identity it enabled us to love, support and cheer on our sisters? Can you imagine the impact?

So-reflections on the pop-up shop? Shopping and women can change the world!

(Side note- Jesus Christ is the ultimate heart and world changer-and it all starts by knowing Him, receiving His love, forgiveness, acceptance, and grace!)

Thank you to all the women who propel me forward, follow God, who lovingly speak truth and always, always, always shop with me! xoooxx

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