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12 days of POP-UP shop: count down to opening day.

Opening day should be a national holiday.


This fall, I had the opportunity to speak at an incredible event for the women who attend Kensington Church in Birmingham, MI. I shared how our homes reflect our stories. But just as our stories are imperfectly beautiful and a bit messy, our homes can be imperfect as well. I felt the room collectively exhale, as many women feel the pressure to have a “perfect" home. (Side note: Pinterest blessing or curse? Talk amongst yourself.) However, we do desire our homes to be comfortable, beautiful and a safe, peaceful place to be with family and friends. Together, we imagined preparing for company with out the stress of perfection, but with simple authenticity, comfort and our stories in mind.

In a way, the pop-up shops give me an opportunity to open my house to you and in return hear many of your stories. Last August, I saw pictures of where you gather for your family meals, where you hang your stockings, and where you make cookies with your babies. You opened your stories up to me, and I was blessed to meet each one of you. As we approach our next pop-up, I anxiously anticipate hearing new stories - so I decided to count down the days to the shop!

(Imagine me singing this to you. BTW I am tone deaf, and my version SO does NOT fit the song)

On the 12th day of the Pop-Up shop: two new women joined the team. One brings crazy record keeping skills- QuickBooks, who knew? Another adds a creative eye for unique flea market finds for the perfect modern farmhouse.

On the 11th day of the Pop-Up shop- the team dreamed about the shop. Imaging a home filled with joyful anticipation, laughter and a whole lot of beautiful home décor!

On the 10th day of the pop-up shop- my true love moved out of his basement work shop and left me a great space to create and store all our merchandise.

On the 9th day of the Pop-Up shop- we discovered *Bloomingville. An incredible wholesaler, which allowed us to offer more modern accessories.

On the 8th day of the Pop-Up shop- Laura McCullough of One Small Thing, started buying unique gifts like jewelry and bags. Plus, this creative artist started designing her blanket ladders and reclaimed barn wood signs.

On the 7th day of the Pop–Up shop: Purple Pear Apothecary, signed on to offer their incredible body products at the shop! YAY and Welcome Bri!

On the 6th day of the Pop-Up shop: I put up Christmas decorations before Halloween and felt like I owed an in-depth explanation to our UPS driver.

On the 5th day of the Pop-Up shop- We received 5 golden frames. (or maybe 25)

On the 4th day of the Pop-Up shop- The delivery driver dropped off an incredible clock, baskets, and trays and then hit our mailbox splitting it in half. (Oh well, at least we have an awesome clock!)

On the 3rd day of the Pop-Up shop- We opened all the incredible merchandise and wondered “Do we really have to sell it?

On the 2nd day of the Pop-Up shop- We will turn my home into a beautiful festive store.

On the 1st day of the Pop-Up shop - We will open our doors, welcoming you to browse and find the perfect piece to tell your story!

Look for Facebook posts starting on November 4th as we countdown to opening day! (If you are a hunter and you made it this far- thanks for reading!)

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