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When Michelle Met Christmas Decor

I'll have what she's having.

-Older Woman Customer.

I have an interesting relationship with Christmas décor. Do you remember When Harry Met Sally? (side note-best movie ever) Harry shares some insight into the male mind, He tells Sally that all men wonder “How long do I have to lie here and hold her before I can get up and go home. Is thirty seconds enough? “

Despite Harry’s sad commentary on dating and casual sex, it describes my relationship with Christmas décor perfectly. After Christmas morning, I think to myself, “ How long do I have to lie here and keep all this crap up before I can get my house back together. Is noon okay?”

Don't get me wrong-I love Christmas! I love how the house feels, smells and looks- but a switch flips Christmas morning, and everything feels cluttered and messy. This week as I ran around town, I was struck by the predictability of American behavior, or perhaps it is just marketing genius. At Target, the employees quickly packed up Christmas and replaced the merchandise with Rubbermaid bins. Bloggers are quick to post their "50 ways to get organized." I love tips like using toilt paper rolls to contain cables tangle-free, so along with the rest of America, I start to declutter. AND I LOVE IT!

As I was reflecting and examining under bed storage bins, I realized we clutter a lot more than our homes. We clutter our hearts, minds, and bodies. I know stress and anxiety clutter my mind- it is a scene straight out of Hoarders up there. This year as I organize closets, I am going to have some honest conversations with God. Confessing all the fear, and asking Him to show me how to put my brain to rest- trusting Him to deal with the mess.

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