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Open! Open! Open!

"And sure enough even waiting will end...if you can just wait long enough."

William Faulkner

This artist's drawing is my dream Spring and Thyme Shop. Look how sweet the black awning with the hanging macrame plants are in the window. The arched door-don’t you just want to spend all day in there? I was thinking, (Side note: for me, thinking at certain times of the month, can be quite scary!) many of you wonder how to purchase the pieces I feature on Instagram/FB. So, I have been praying about whether to open a brick and mortar store here in Oakland County. As I wait for God’s perfect timing and this precious shop, I will start showcasing pieces for sale on Instagram/ FB, and then ship them to your home!

A thought on waiting- waiting is not fun. Think about going to the doctor’s office, for instance. When you’re in the waiting room, it is actually okay. You know you are supposed to wait in that room. So you hunker down, grab a People Magazine and wait. When the nurse, brings you back into the examination room, the waiting should be over- but (insert evil laugh) it has just begun. Except now you are stripped down on a paper tablecloth wearing a paper vest and skirt. The uncomfortable, tedious waiting begins. Minutes feel like hours as you wonder, did they forget me? Will I be naked in here forever? What if I have to pee?

Sometimes, waiting for God's timing is uncomfortable, tedious and we wonder if He somehow forgot us. A lot of the folks in the bible had to wait- Paul had to wait before he started his ministry, and 40 years for the Israelites. Others, like Sarah, allowed impatience to rule and found herself frustrated over the consequence of her actions.

Waiting takes patience, and it teaches us to release control of our lives and trust that God’s way is much better.

Seasons of waiting can be some of the most difficult. However, we know that God never leaves us. We do not have to worry God forgot us at our most vulnerable. He is there with us in the waiting, holding us tight.

So, as I wait and wonder what God has next for Spring and Thyme check out the cute pieces that I will offer on Instagram/FB between the Pop-Up shops. Oh, btw, the next Pop-up is on May 2, 3 and 4.

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