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A Dream Come True....

For a few months, we have been planning to transform the living space of a busy family of seven. We worked with the homeowners to blend their eclectic taste of Scandinavian simplicity with antiques and rustic pieces. While this beautiful family vacationed, we worked hard to transform the space and surprised them on their return. I love how the space turned out.

The painter initially painted the fireplace Dorian Grey- a SW color I love. However, it read blue and cool in their east facing, sunny room. When we moved in the teal, chairs-I felt like throwing up. Everything fought. (designer speak- aka looked like trash) We got our paint decks and knew we had to re-paint it. But, at that moment, I became so anxious. I could not believe the wrong color of a fireplace was dictating my peace and how quickly I lost trust in God. This response sounds so lame- so many people are struggling to trust God through severe life pain, and I become wrecked over a cool shade of grey. But, my dear design partner grabbed my hands and asked God to calm our hearts and lead us to the perfect color.

Often I think that God has too much to deal with in this world, and paint color is a very low priority. But Tricia reminded me that He loves me and cares about what I care about. At that moment, when we slowed down and asked God, His peace returned. We picked a color, my husband brought over our extension ladder, and the three of us painted the fireplace. One hour later- it was beautiful. God provided, and blessed this lovely family with a home that reflected their story and taught me to trust him with all the details. (Side Note- He did create the world- so He knows a little about design.) Don't forget to slow down this week when anxiety overwhelms and ask God for help. He cares for you.

The video below describes what we did, and the following video captures their response! What Joy!

JTR Cab​inet Refinishers in Shelby did an amazing job!

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