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How I Shelter in Place...

"Yesterday I read Psalm 31, which reminded me that our refuge is not our homes, our masks, or even our toilet paper, although, some research suggests its wise to utilize all three."

Michelle Erickson


As we updated the website, I realized my last post was almost exactly a year ago. So, before I get into it, here are some snapshots to catch you up on my previous year in no particular order:

1. Graduated from Fuller Seminary with a Masters in Theology.

2. Got a crazy infection from a routine surgery that ended in emergency surgery. (No picture available :)

3. Had a blast partnering with our friends at Slipcovey for a Pop-up Shop.

4. Met amazing people while remodeling their homes

4. Learned about this app called Zoom, have you heard of it?

5. Experienced a Pandemic

6. In said pandemic, learned how to wallpaper.


Speaking of the global pandemic, we all have become intimately acquainted with our homes. Over the past couple of months, how many times have you heard the mantra, "Be Safe. Stay Home. Shelter in place"? Yesterday, I read Psalm 31, which reminded me that our refuge is not our homes, our masks, or even our toilet paper. (Although, some research suggests its wise to utilize all three.)

Psalm 31 opens with, "I take refuge in you, Lord." (v.1) For background, the psalmist is experiencing distress due to his community's disparaging him, and this persecution causes the writer to seek God. The Psalm structure starts with a plea for refuge, moves to a declaration of trust, and then returns to an entirely new appeal for refuge. We find as the psalmist faces trouble, he turns to the known character of God. He uses words such as "faithful, love, rescuer, the rock of refuge, shelter, and fortification" to reveal God. Perhaps, the repetition of the plea demonstrates how easy it is to forget who God is. For me, Psalm 31shows that the Lord's shelter remains even if we are prone to forget His security. That is to say, God's protection and safety always remain regardless if we recognize it and take cover.

I love how verse 20 describes God hiding us in the shelter of His wings. This spring, we had a momma dove build a nest and lay eggs in our window box. We watched as they hatched, and the momma and daddy took turns protecting their sweet babies. One day the baby flew down to the small platform. I panicked and instructed, "Get back under your momma's wing- she is kind and faithful; she protects you." God's safety and shelter are always there and unchangeable. His covenantal promise, faithfulness, and great goodness are eternal. He forever remains- however, for me, much like the baby dove, I step away from His protective wing. I forget the times he has protected me, and I allow fear to overpower my thoughts. Quite possibly, the refuge in Psalm 31 results from the psalmist realigning himself with the steadfast character of God and remembering His faithfulness.

How do I shelter in place? I remember the mightiness of God, rest in the comfort that He is an unchangeable, mighty King, and that faithful God offers refuge. And I say to myself, "Get back under your Father's wing- He is kind and faithful, He protects you."

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